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Lelo Personal Lubricant

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Lelo Lelo Personal Lubricant

Lelo Personal Moisturizer is a silky, water-based lubricant that uses aloe vera to create a long-lasting moisture for sex or play. This premium Personal Moisturizer nourishes and moisturizes your intimate areas to enhance the enjoyment and comfort of bedroom activities.

Lelo Personal Lubricant is specially formulated with aloe vera, making it suitable for use in almost any situation you desire. This Personal Moisturizer is a safe and satisfying addition to any sexual experience.

Glycerine free, paraben free and fragrance free. It is safe for use with condoms.

150 mL/ 5 fl. oz To order this size, click "Add to Cart," on the right. To order the smaller size, scroll down.


Buy Now - Best Online Price. & Free Shipping

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You'll find a large amount of these products in the practical area. That is because of the simple fact that they're permeable, signifying dirt and germs can leakage into the component and also acquire caught certainly there. Additionally, washing your toys lowers the possibilities of getting an STI. or even a genital disease from a shared or even dirty plaything. I have really made use of like silicon ones prior to and I certainly never ever liked them.

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