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nJoy Pure Wand - G-Spot Heaven

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nJoy nJoy Pure Wand - G-Spot Heaven

The njoy Pure Wand is designed to provide a direct connection to your favorite Spot, whether it be the G or P. It's crafted with the perfect curvature and ample reach so you can lay back and relax while you pleasure yourself or your partner with firm, controlled massage. The Pure Wand has become the favored implement for practitioners of prostate massage and the delicious art of female ejaculation.

The Wand is beautiful 24 ounces of absolute pure, smooth, hypoallergenic, and nonporous stainless steel. The heavy weight allows for perfect G-spot pressure and stimulation.

The balls at the end of the the Pure Wand's curve are 1" and 1.5" in diameter, respectively. The Pure Wand is almost 8" end-to-end and 10" along the curve for ample reach and torque.

The nJoy Pure Wand has been featured in countless female ejaculation videos.


Buy Now - Best Online Price. & Free Shipping

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