We Have Magnetic Ben-Wa Balls - For More Sensation Available to Buy Online Today.

Magnetic Ben-Wa Balls - For More Sensation

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Vibrators.com Magnetic Ben-Wa Balls - For More Sensation

Perfectly weighted for ardent arousal, the Magnetic Ben-Wa Balls will shake and roll inside you, massaging all your erogenous zones, including your g-spot. We love the Hemitite Ben-Wa Balls because they are heavy. They roll inside you, massaging the walls of your vagina and imparting a full feeling.

Ben Wa Balls are really fun to use day or night. Use them solo, as you run errands or work, for hidden pleasures. Wear them to the club to put a whole new spin on dancing. Use them with a clitoral vibrator for exquisite orgasms. Try inserting them before oral sex for incredible foreplay.

Ben-Wa Balls work your PC muscles as they pleasure you, by causing your muscles to contract. Wearing them is the perfect way to get your kegels in and experience lots of pleasure at the same time.

2 magnetic Ben-Wa Balls. Use with a personal lubricant and clean with an antibacterial soap or sex toy cleaner.


Buy Now - Best Online Price. & Free Shipping

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