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Detroit Gambler 500 VIP

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Vibrators.com Detroit Gambler 500 VIP

As you probably know the Detroit Gambler 500 is free of charge.  You do not need to pay anything to participate. But no payments means no money and having no money is no fun.  So we created the Detroit Gambler VIP package.

When you buy the Detroit Gambler VIP Package you don't really get much, but we kinda need some money to make the event fun.  You spend $20 and help fund a more fun Detroit Gambler 500.  In return for this $20 you will get.

  • The Detroit Gambler 500 will be more fun because of you. 
  • You can consider yourself a "Patron of the Arts"
  • You will get a Detroit Gambler 500 vinyl decal for your ride.
  • You will get a special wristband so that other people, like me, can spot you and say Thank You for helping put on the show. 
  • You can choose Free Shipping

There are no other perks to being a Detroit Gambler 500 VIP, but it is really worth it.  Here are some possible things your money will fund.

  • You could pay a portion of the fine that will be dropped upon Tom for holding this event.
  • You could end up paying for a weird prank that is played upon other Gamblers.
  • You could fund something that makes the camping more enjoyable.
  • You could fund something that is fun to watch.
  • You could pay for the printing of 1,000 plus route sheets and waivers.
  • You could fund the Gambler Coins that people use and collect.

That's pretty much all of our expenses.  None of your money will pay for anything fancy or luxurious.  Order this package and you'll be doing a good thing.  You'll be keeping the Detroit Gambler 500 running. 

Note:  Proceeds from this purchase benefit Detroit Gambler LLC, a separate corporation.  PriveCo Inc. and Vibrators.com have donated their resources to help Detroit Gambler LLC, a separate corporation, fund their operations.


Buy Now - Best Online Price. & Free Shipping

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