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Stronic G-Spot Pulsator

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Vibrators.com Stronic G-Spot Pulsator

Stronic G-Spot Pulsator

Why We Love the Stronic G-Spot Pulsator

We love the Stronic G-Spot Pulsator because it’s another fantastic new product from Fun Factory. While the vast majority of sex toys these days are made in China, Fun Factory’s toys are made in Germany, which means they’re of much higher quality than your average sex toy. And it really shows in the Stronic G-Spot Pulsator: it’s made of top-quality silicone, it’s waterproof, rechargeable, and has 10 amazing functions of pulsation to bring you a whole new kind of g-spot orgasms.

About the Stronic G-Spot Pulsator

The Stronic G-Spot Pulsator is a rechargeable, waterproof g-spot vibrator made from 100% pure silicone. The Stronic G-Spot Pulsator is 8 inches long in total, with an insertable portion of 5.75 inches, and 2 inches in diameter at its widest point. The Stronic G-Spot Pulsator has ten functions of pulsation.

How does the Stronic G-Spot Pulsator Feel?

The Stronic G-Spot Pulsator’s “Pleasurable” vibration rating may lead you to believe it’s not very powerful, but that’s actually just because vibration is a mere side effect of what this toy really does: pulsate! This form of stimulation feels totally different from a typical vibrator, and we think you’ll absolutely love experiencing that difference as it brings you a new sort of g-spot orgasm.

Use and Special Instructions

The Stronic G-Spot Pulsator is a rechargeable, waterproof g-spot vibrator made of pure body-safe silicone that comes with a USB charging cord. The Stronic G-Spot Pulsator can be used with any water-based personal lubricant, and should be cleaned with sex toy cleaner or liquid anti-bacterial soap and water.

Stronic G-Spot Pulsator Facts
  • Vibrator Type: G-Spot Vibrator
  • Total Length: 8 inches
  • Insertable Length: 5.75 inches
  • Diameter: 2 inches
  • Material: Body-safe Silicone
  • Smooth and firm
  • Ten vibration functions
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable
  • Best for: internal stimulation of the g-spot

    Who will love the Stronic G-Spot Pulsatorr:
    • Women who like both g-spot and clitoral stimulation
    • Women who want a unique type of stimulation
    • Women who want an ultra-quiet toy

    Understanding Sound and Vibration

    Here at Vibrators.com, we test each and every vibrator for vibration and sound levels. Our Vibrator Institute doesn't test vibrators the way you might think; instead, we use scientific equipment that reads vibration and decibel levels. Based on these levels, each vibrator we sell gets a rating. The Power Level ratings are Gentle, Pleasurable, Intense and Unrelenting. The Sound Level ratings are Whisper, Purr, Hum, Buzz and Thundering. The Stronic G-Spot Pulsator has a rating of Pleasurable Whisper. This means it vibrates at average speeds, and has a very quiet sound level.

    If we don't like the look, feel, sound or vibration level of a sex toy, we don't sell it. That's why Vibrators.com only sells about 300 vibrators. There are tens of thousands of vibrators on the market, and that's a lot for a customer to wade through. We offer only the best vibrators, so you can choose the best vibrator for you in the easiest way possible.

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    You can hump up, you comprehend what I suggest? Stumbling is an outstanding gender-neutral sexual activity action. Using soap as well as cozy water or sex plaything cleaner. You consistently desire to deal with the batteries just before you cleanse a plaything as well as when you save your plaything. If your leather-made possesses metallic littles, use some clear nail Polish onto those components to maintain all of them coming from tarnishing. Some of all of them are actually built of chemicals and also you do not would like to blend negative chemicals along with it. Silicone is the most ideal soft product on the industry and also clinical quality silicon is actually the top of the line.

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